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We are a leading China-based new drug development process solutions provider. Our main business is to provide professional technology service for new drug research and development. Through collabo-ration with five state high tech clusters and integration of upstream and downstream suppliers, we establish the Platform of Chain R&D (PCRD) by offering a full range of services for new drug R&D.

We set up a modularized, standardized and industrialized pipeline system to provide Good Research and Development Practices (GRDP) for new drug R&D, including: pre-clinical new drug research service focusing on pharmacology and toxicology research (IND-CRO);phase I, II and III clinical studies and pilot-scale up studies (NDA-CRO); international multi-center clinical research service and international clinical Phase I/II studies after completing SFDA II A clinical studies(FDA/EMEA-CRO); research and registration services on medical devices, diagnostics, medical equipment; during their new drug development process, our value-added services will provide clients with opportunities to access additional funding, such as government research grants and private investment......

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